Wyverstone produce

Locally-grown food that doesn’t cost the Earth

Wyverstone produce is the trading name for our 8-acre smallholding in the heart of Suffolk.  We sell our produce (vegetables, eggs, fruit) in several ways:

  • Our road-side stall on Westhorpe Road (near the church) in Wyverstone
  • The fortnightly Community Cafe and local produce market, held in the village hall
  • At the Eye Country market in Eye town hall – Wednesdays 10-11am

Our smallholding started in 2006 when we bought a house and small paddock in the village.  In early 2007 we were able to extend the growing area into the neighbouring field, and since then we have planted a mixed orchard of over 200 apple and other fruit trees, which are now producing well.

We have a flock of over 100 free-range laying hens, these are of several chicken breeds so we get a range of different coloured eggs, from pure white through to deep brown in colour.

Our aim is to sell our produce as locally as possible, reducing the distance food travels from field to fork and hence the environmental impact of food production.